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Service Providers Deliver Cloud Data Security with SafeNet

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With SafeNet security solutions and resources, service providers can deliver profitable new data security services for cloud-based delivery models. By adding SafeNet services to your service portfolio, you can protect data, access, and identities for your customers, assuring their peace of mind as they adopt cloud and hosted services.

SafeNet-powered services provide your customers with encryption, access control, and key management solutions that extend protection and ownership across the lifecycle of sensitive data, as it is created, accessed, shared, stored, and moved. Your customers will remain protected, compliant, and in control of their data.

SafeNet provides these capabilities:

Secure Cloud-Based Access

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Offer customers scalable and convenient authentication-as-a-service, eliminating complex and costly infrastructure. 

Manage all of your clients from one infrastructure that is fully automated, easy to manage, customizable, cloud-based, increases average revenue per user (ARPU), and is not cost prohibitive.

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Secure Cloud Workloads

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Provide customers with encryption and key management solutions that allow them to securely move sensitive workloads to the cloud and virtualized environments. Increase your revenues with a new offering that allows you to easily manage your customers from a single platform that secures the data. You and your clients can ensure compliance with the most stringent industry and governmental regulations, as your customers maintain the chain of custody of the data.

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Program Benefits for Cloud Service Providers

SafeNet Cipher Service Provider Partners get access to tools and resources to quickly and efficiently bring new services to market, speed customer adoption, stay competitive, and grow business.

From engaging and educating prospects to closing new business opportunities, SafeNet is here to provide Service Providers with the information and support needed to succeed at every stage of the sales cycle.

Why Should I Partner with SafeNet?

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  • Accelerate adoption and empower sales teams. SafeNet offers access to training resources designed to help sales teams sell your SafeNet-powered offerings.

  • Enable quick and successful customer deployments. SafeNet offers a professional services package where Service Providers can use SafeNet experts to accelerate the deployment of hosted offerings in order to quickly recognize a return on investment.

  • One-stop access to tools and resources. Service Provider Partners get exclusive access to the SafeNet Cipher Partner Portal with complimentary digital and printable sales tools, educational resources, sales training, and marketing programs.

  • Gain a competitive edge by leveraging SafeNet's customer support team.  SafeNet customer support will aid Service Providers with any support-related issues that may arise during the sales cycle.

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SafeNet Cloud Service Offerings

Enhance, secure, and expand your cloud service offerings with scalable solutions for authentication, encryption, and key management, all while increasing average revenue per user (ARPU), simplifying operations, and reducing liability and operational costs.

Authentication as a Service (AaaS)

Authentication as a Service

With SafeNet Authentication Service, businesses can deliver new services that boost average revenue per user—with minimal costs, and without deploying and managing a complex infrastructure. This cloud-based authentication-as-a-service offering is fully automated, highly customizable, and easily managed.

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Encryption for Virtualized and Cloud Environments

Virtualization and Cloud Security - ProtectV Cloud Icon

For service providers that want customers to move their sensitive data to the cloud, but have to address issues with ownership, security, and compliance there is ProtectV. ProtectV encrypts entire virtual machines and attached storage volumes. No virtual machine can be launched without proper authorization from SafeNet’s pre-boot authentication. ProtectV is the industry's first comprehensive high-availability solution for protecting data in the cloud. With ProtectV, customers can securely migrate even the most private, highly regulated data to the cloud or hosted infrastructure.

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Hardware Security Module (HSM) Service

Hardware Security Modules

With SafeNet's Luna SA, service providers can offer a “rentable” hardware security module service that dedicates a single-tenant appliance located in the service providers cloud for a customer’s cryptographic storage needs. Customers can securely generate, store, and manage the cryptographic keys used for data encryption, such that they are accessible only with explicit authorization by the customer’s administrators and never leaving the appliance, providing a secure foundation for cryptography in the cloud.

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Key Management Services for the Cloud

Green Key Management Icon

Virtual KeySecure centralizes key management for ProtectV-secured virtual instances, as well as other use cases, such as using a hardened virtual security appliance that runs in your cloud environment. The combination of Virtual KeySecure with ProtectV, ProtectApp, or other encryption solutions allows organizations to unify encryption and control across virtualized and cloud infrastructures, increasing security and compliance for sensitive data residing in virtualized instances.

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Application Protection

Application Security Icon

For service providers that offer hosted applications, customers can encrypt and secure any sensitive data that those applications process. With ProtectApp, service providers can offer application protection and security at the highest level. SafeNet ProtectApp is an application encryption solution deployed in combination with SafeNet KeySecure that supports a broad range of the industry’s most widely used web application servers and enterprise applications.

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Storage Encryption for Storage Services

High Speed Network Encryption Icon

Service providers can add granular encryption to their service offerings. Whether they offer file or folder encryption to their customers or use SafeNet encryption to offer encrypted storage, adding StorageSecure to their portfolio can enable customers who want to encrypt sensitive data before it leaves their organization’s facilities to fully leverage the benefits of cloud-based storage services. StorageSecure is a network encryption appliance that offers optimal protection of data at rest in physical, virtual, and cloud-based storage environments.

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Storage & File Encryption for Virtual & Cloud Environments

ProtectFile File Encryption Icon

With SafeNet’s file and storage encryption offerings, service providers can offer data security with automated file encryption of unstructured data contained in network drives, file servers, network attached storage, and more. ProtectFile and StorageSecure encrypts flat files that contain sensitive data, such as text documents, spreadsheets, bitmap images, and vector drawings. The solutions combine encryption and access control policies to protect designated folders and files.

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