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SafeNet's core strength is the encryption technology behind its products and solutions. The company has been awarded 100 distinct patents, many of which are also patented in various countries around the world – further underlining why SafeNet is the foundation of information security.

SafeNet continues to innovate and lead the world in security technology with additional pending and provisional patents in various jurisdictions. Listed below are US patents granted since 2005.


Patent No. 8,205,096
Date granted: June 19, 2012
Software License Embedded In Shell Code

Patent No. 8,117,221
Date granted: February 14, 2012
Database Obfuscation System and Method


Patent No. 8,078,725
Date granted: December 13, 2011
Method And System For Secure Distribution And Utilization Of Data Over A Network

Patent No. 8,065,718
Date granted: November 22, 2011
Secure Authentication Using Hardware Token And Computer Fingerprint

Patent No. 8,055,769
Date granted: November 8, 2011
Method And System For Secure Distribution And Utilization Of Data Over A Network

Patent No. 7,958,091
Date granted: June 7, 2011
Method For Fast Bulk Loading Data Into A Database While Bypassing Exit Routines

Patent No. 7,912,216
Date granted: March 22, 2011
Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem Optimization Using Two Phase Key Generation

Patent No. 7,895,443
Date granted: February 22, 2011
Secure Authentication Using Hardware Token And Computer Fingerprint

Patent No. 7,890,767
Date granted: February 15, 2011
Virtual Smart Card System And Method


Patent No. 7,831,051
Date granted: November 9, 2010
Secure Communication Between a Hardware Device and a Computer

Patent No. 7,773,753
Date granted: August 10, 2010
Efficient Remotely-Keyed Symmetric Cryptography For Digital Rights Management

Patent No. 7,757,230
Date granted: July 13, 2010
Method of Executing a Program On a Computer, and Computer Program Product

Patent No. 7,757,278
Date granted: July 13, 2010
Method and Apparatus for Transparent Encryption

Patent No. 7,730,529
Date granted: June 1, 2010
Method of Operating a Computer System and Computer System

Patent No. 7,716,348
Date granted: May 11, 2010
License Management System and Method with License Balancing


Patent No. 7,548,992
Date granted: June 16, 2009
Method for preparing a decision tree for packet processing

Patent No. 7,519,835
Date granted: April 14, 2009
Encrypting table indexes and searching encrypted tables

Patent No. 7,505,473
Date granted: March 17, 2009
Transmission of broadcast packets in secure communication connections between computers


Patent No. 7,463,739
Date granted: December 9, 2008
Method and system providing improved security for the transfer of root keys

Patent No. 7,461,370
Date granted: December 2, 2008
Fast hardware processing of regular expressions containing sub-expressions

European Patent No. 1282261
Date granted: August 1, 2008
Effective in: Germany, France and the UK
Method and system for the secure transfer of cryptographic keys via a network

Patent No. 7,337,323
Date granted: February 26, 2008
Boot-up and hard drive protection using a USB-compliant token

Patent No. 7,328,348
Date granted: February 5, 2008
Method and System for Securely Timestamping Digital Data

Patent No. 7,320,075
Date granted: January 15, 2008
Software protection method utilizing hidden application code in a protection dynamic link library object


Patent No. 7,310,800
Date granted: December 18, 2007
Method and System for Patching ROM Code

Patent No. 7,305,391
Date granted: December 4, 2007
System and Method for Determining the Start of a Match of a Regular Expression

Patent No. 7,269,844
Date granted: September 11, 2007
Secure IR communication between a keypad and a token

Patent No. 7,240,040
Date granted: July 3, 2007
Method of generating of DFA state machine that groups transitions into classes in order to conserve memory

Patent No. 7,233,663
Date granted: June 19, 2007
Key generation performance improvement

Patent No. 7,222,240
Date granted: May 22, 2007
Token for storing installation software and drivers

Patent No. 7,205,883
Date granted: April 17, 2007
Tamper detection and secure power failure recovery circuit

Patent No. 7,200,759
Date granted: April 3, 2007
Method and device for making information contents of a volatile semiconductor memory irretrievable

Patent No. 7,272,723
Date granted: September 18, 2007
Description: USB-Complaint Personal Key with Integral Input and Output Devices

Patent No. 7,263,606
Date granted: August 28, 2007
Description: Method and Apparatus for Software Protection via Multiple-Route Execution


Patent No. 7,111,324
Date granted: September 19, 2006
USB hub keypad

Patent No. 7,076,651
Date granted: July 11, 2006
System and method for highly secure data communications

Patent No. 7,054,894
Date granted: May 30, 2006
Generator circuit for generating large numbers

Patent No. 7,054,162
Date granted: May 30, 2006
Security module system, apparatus and process

Patent No. 7,035,918
Date granted: April 25, 2006
License management system and method with multiple license servers

Patent No. 7,024,564
Date granted: April 4, 2006
Software protection device and method

Patent No. 7,023,816
Date granted: April 4, 2006
Method and system for time synchronization

Patent No. 6,983,366
Date granted: January 3, 2006
Packet Processor


To view patents from 2005-1988, please search the US Patent and Trademark Office database.