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With SafeNet Sentinel HL Drive, Virtualware Protects and Monetizes their Software - Case Study

Virtualware Group is a business group of technology companies that specializes in the development of hardware and software solutions based on immersive and interactive technologies.

Xsens Technologies Streamlines Operations & Expands Revenue with Sentinel - Case Study

Xsens is a leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology and products. To protect the sensitive IP contained in its software code and to guard against piracy, Xsens deployed a commercial software protection technology. Over time, the company realized that they needed a more robust solution. One that not only offered strong security for its IP, but also offered more comprehensive licensing and entitlement management capabilities to streamline operations and help grow its business. Xsens chose Sentinel.

Apollo Communications Protects its Intellectual Property and Enforces Software Licensing with Gemalto Sentinel - Case Study

Apollo Communications is a leading provider of telecommunications and industrial monitoring process solutions for the oil and gas industry, and uses National Instruments’ LabVIEW platform to develop its products. From the beginning, Apollo Communications used a homegrown system to control its customers, software licenses, and specific projects but knew there was also a need to protect its intellectual property and enforce licensing. While attending National Instruments Day in Mexico City, the company learned that Gemalto Sentinel LDK is a part of the LabVIEW Tools Network. The company is now deploying the Gemalto Sentinel solution to protect and license its SCADA-Acom software and is reaping the rewards.

BlackCat Networld SL Implements Sentinel SL to Protect and Monetize their Unique Educational Software

BlackCat Networld SL is a leader in the B2B educational sector in Spain. With consistent changes made to automotive training, the company needed to ensure that they could quickly and easily deliver updates to their customers. For the past three years, BlackCat Networld SL has trusted SafeNet Sentinel SL to protect and monetize their software.

AEOL Case Study

For over 10 years, AEOL, the current market leader of driver training software in Spain, has depended on SafeNet to protect their software applications—all 65,000 copies currently in use. The recent international expansion of their business warranted a more scalable solution that integrated with their back office and provided air-tight protection with efficient end-user capabilities. They chose Sentinel hardware keys to fully monetize their software.

SafeNet Sentinel HASP HL Protects Microsip's ERP Software and Allows the Flexibility for Remote Updates

With products for administration, distribution, sales, mobile and production, Microsip provides a complete ERP system to their customers. SafeNet provides the company with industry-leading protection against illegal use and reverse engineering.

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