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License and Entitlement Management in the Era of the Internet of Things - White Paper

How to Protect & Monetize Android Apps - White Paper

The advent of mobile computing via smartphone, tablets, and wearable computing technology has given way to masses of mobile applications or “apps,” as they’re commonly referred to.

5 Key Steps to SaaS Enablement: A Technical Guide for Moving On-premise Software to the Cloud

This paper explores those challenges and then presents key planning, architectural design and implementation considerations for migrating on-premise software to the cloud. Using best practices gained from many successful migrations and a case study example, you will learn a step-by-step process for successfully migrating your on-premise software to the cloud and fully monetizing your SaaS product investment.

How to Achieve a Cloud-Connected Experience Using On-Premise Applications - White Paper

The Sentinel Envelope White Paper

One of the biggest issues software publishers face in today’s computing environment is how to prevent unauthorized use of their software without creating unnecessary obstacles for customers who wish to legitimately purchase and use it.

White Paper - From Software Hack to Counterattack

A software publisher's guide to protecting software products against the top 8 piracy threats

White Paper - Exploring the Business Model Evolution of High Tech Equipment Manufacturers

Exploring the Business Model Evolution of High-Tech Equipment Manufacturers White Paper- A white paper for manufacturers of software-driven hardware devices.

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